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Southworth Upenders (Downenders)

The Southworth hydraulic Upenders are designed for safe and efficient handling of loads up to 6,000 lbs capacity. Large workpieces, flat sheets or rolls can all be repositioned 90° in less than a minute. 30°, 45° and 90° Upenders/Downenders are available.

The smooth, positive directing acting hydraulic system allows the operator to stop the tilter anywhere in its travel and hold that position. The standard platen height is 10" -- but heights are available to suit most applications.

The Upender/Downender has an internal hydraulic power unit, plumbed, wired and ready for operation when received. Over center valving maintains the cycle speed for protection of the operator and the load. Platforms are available with "V" decks, conveyor and other accessories to suit most applications.

Southworth Upender
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  • Internally mounted 3.2 HP TENV electric motor, 2.8 GPM hydraulic pump, valving, and reservoir filled with oil.
  • Primary Voltage is 460/3/60. Control Voltage is 115/1/60.
  • NEMA 4 hand held pushbutton OR NEMA 1 footswitch with safety cover. Includes 10 ft of straight cord.
  • NEMA 1 enclosure with motor starter and control transformer, internally mounted and wired.
  • Upper and lower travel limit switches mounted and wired.
  • Double acting cylinder(s), power up & down
  • All pivot points equipped with Teflon lined bushings.
  • Southworth beige self-priming machinery enamel finish.

Southworth Upenders
Model Capacity
Platform Size Speed (sec)* Lowered
STD MAX Upend Downend
UP2 2,000 24" x 48" 48" x 84" 14 12 25" 12" to 48" Quote
UP4 4,000 24" x 48" 48" x 84" 21 17 25" 12" to 48" Quote
UP6 6,000 24" x 48" 48" x 84" 28 23 25" 12" to 48" Quote

Note: Speeds listed above are for 90° tilt