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Lift & Tilt Tables Overview

Tilting Lift Tables are ideally suited for those applications where reaching into boxes, containers or wire baskets is required by the operator. The tilting mechanism allows the operator easy access to the product, while the lifting mechanism places the product at an ergonomic height, helping to avoid repetitive motion injuries and improve productivity.

Hydraulic Lift & Tilt Tables are the most common type of tilter found in various industrial applications. The power efficiency of electric hydraulic, as well as the production cost relative to productivity, is unmatched throughout a wide degree of industrial equipment.

Pneumatic Lift & Tilt Tables are commonly used in applications in which the use of hydraulic oil is unwanted and access to shop air is readily available. Tilting is performed by the inflating and deflating of an air bag located under the platform.

Combined Lift & Tilt Tables have a single motion that tilts and lifts simultaneously. The angle and height of combined lift and tilt tables are designed to be at an ergonomic height for part sorting applications.

Ground Entry Lift & Tilt Tables allow for the loading and unloading of the table by use of a pallet jack and free up the need for a forklift or walk behind stacker. However, due to the design, accessibility to all sides of the load is restricted to a degree.

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