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Ground Entry Straddle Tilters

Specifications Comparison of Fork Over Tilters
Product Made By Capacity
of Tilt
Fork Size Between
Length Width
ZTU Southworth 2,000-4,000 85° 40" 8" 13" AR
SRT Presto 2,000-4,000 89° 40" 10" 7.5" AR

Southworth ZTU E-Z Reach Roll-On Container Tilters

With fork channels that allow either hand pallet trucks or fork trucks to place containers directly on the tilter in a single step, the Roll- On E-Z Reach is designed for stationary installation at work stations.....More Information

Southworth ZTU Roll On Tilter
Capacity: 2,000 - 4,000 lbs
Degree of Tilt: 85°
Fork Length: 40"
Fork Width: 8"
Between Forks: 13"

Presto SRT Container Tilter

For dedicated applications, Presto's SRT stationary tilter is an ideal, economical solution. Wide fork channels allow containers to be placed on it with only a hand pallet truck...More Information

Key Features: Internal 1 HP 115/1/60 power pack - Push-button hand held control with magnetic backing for mounting - Compact frame design - Designed to be lagged down to floor

Presto SRT Container Tilter
Capacity: 2,000 - 4,000 lbs
Degree of Tilt: 89°
Fork Length: 40"
Fork Width: 10"
Between Forks: 7.5"