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Industrial Pneumatic Tilt Tables

Specifications Comparison of Pneumatic Tilt Tables
Product Made By Capacity
of Tilt
Platform Size Ships
Min Max
AT Presto 1,000-6,000 7"-8" 30°,35° 36" x 48" 60" x 48" AR
GTA Southworth 2,000-4,000 9" 30°,40° 26" x 48" 66" x 56" AR

Presto AT Series Pneumatic Tilters

Use these pneumatic tilters anywhere that shop air is available. They require no electrical power and because they use no hydraulic fluid there is no chance of process contamination...More Information

Key Features: Pedestal mounted control standard - Safety restraining chain to guard against over tilt - Lifetime warranty on Firestone Actuator

Presto AT Air Tilt Table
Capacity: 1,000 - 6,000 lbs.
Lowered Height: 7" - 8"
Degree of Tilt: 30° - 35°
Min Platform Size: 36" x 48"
Max Platform Size: 60" x 48"

Southworth GTA Air Powered Fixed Height Tilter

For applications utilizing small or shallow containers that do not require vertical repositioning, the Fixed Height Tilter is the ideal choice. Available in 2000 Lbs. and 4000 Lbs. They can be mounted on the floor or a fixed height table top...More Information

Southworth GTA Fixed Height Tilter
Capacity: 2,000 - 4,000 lbs.
Lowered Height: 9"
Degree of Tilt: 30°,40°
Min Platform Size: 26" x 48"
Max Platform Size: 66" x 56"