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Mobile Straddle Tilters

Specifications Comparison of Upenders
Product Made By Capacity
of Tilt
Fork Size Between
Length Width
MST Bishamon 2,000 88° 40" 6" 13" CA
SPTU Southworth 2,000-4,000 85° 40" 6"-8" 9"-12" AR
PTS Presto 2,000-4,000 89° 42" 6.25" 13.625" AR
TMS Vestil 2,000-6,000 90° 35.3" 4" 0.5" - 26.5" IN

Bishamon EZ Tilter MST Series

Bishamon MST series mobile straddle tilters are rugged, electrohydraulic, battery powered positioning devices. They are designed with capacities of 2,000 lbs. The tilt angle is infinitely adjustable from 0° to 88°...More Information

Key Features: Twin, heavy duty, hydraulic tilt cylinders - Durable powder coat finish - Dual action caster brake - Heavy-duty reinforced steel forks

Bishamon MST Tilter
Capacity: 2,000 lbs
Degree of Tilt: 88°
Fork Length: 40"
Fork Width: 6"
Between Forks: 13"

Southworth SPTU Straddle Mobile Tilter

Proven with literally thousands of units in use, the E-Z Reach Portable Container Tilter is the ideal solution for MOST tilting applications. Works with ANY style of container, even closed bottom...More Information

Southworth SPTU Straddle Tilter
Capacity: 2,000-4,000 lbs
Degree of Tilt: 85°
Fork Length: 40"
Fork Width: 6"-8"
Between Forks: 9"-12"

Vestil Tilt Master Straddle

Lift and position filled tote boxes or baskets without the need of a fork truck or lift table using the newly designed heavy-duty Tilt Master. These 90° tilters will function as a transporter by moving completed products from work station to work station without waiting for a fork truck...More Information

Vestil Tilt Master Straddle
Capacity: 2,000 - 6,000 lbs
Degree of Tilt: 90°
Fork Length: 35.3"
Fork Width: 4"
Between Forks: 0.5" - 26.5"

Presto PTS Portable Tilter

Presto PT portable, DC powered container tilters go anywhere they are needed. Choose them for applications that require sharing between multiple users or work cells...More Information

Key Features: Designed for pallets and containers - Easy to service internal 1 HP DC motor - Foot operated floor lock

Presto PTS Portable Tilter
Capacity: 2,000-4,000 lbs
Degree of Tilt: 89°
Fork Length: 42"
Fork Width: 6.25"
Between Forks: 13.625"