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Mobile Tilting Lift Carts

Mobile lift tables with a tilt mechanism are often a good choice for users who work out of boxes, totes, bins or other containers. By allowing angular positioning, fatigue can be lowered while performing such tasks and the potential for repetitive motion injuries can be reduced. Additionally, such equipment can be of use in light assembly operations maintenance operations that that can benefit from a mobile lift and tilt device.

Specifications Comparison of Portable Tilt Carts
Product Made By Capacity
of Tilt
Platform Size Ships
Min Max
CART-LT Vestil 400 - 600 13" - 16.5" 30°, 45° 19.5" x 30" 24" x 36" IN
DT Southworth 770 13.8" 31° 42.1" x 23.6" 42.1" x 23.6" AR

Southworth Dandy Tilter

The Southworth Dandy Tilter combines lifting, tilting, and transporting in a single unit. Ideal for parts that must be nested in containers. The table lifts and tilts in a continuous motion which is actuated by a foot pump and hydraulic cylinder...More Information

Key Features: Attractively finished in enamel paint and chrome - Infinite height and tilt adjustment within range - Ideal for use with junior wire containers, pans or tote boxes

Southworth Dandy Tilter
Capacity: 770 lbs
Vertical Travel: 18.3"
Lowered Height: 13.8"
Raised Height: 55.3"
Platform Size: 42.1" x 23.6"
Tilt Degree: 31°

Vestil Lift & Tilt Carts with Sequence Select

Vestil's CART-LT series has a unique design which allows the user to raise and tilt materials to an ergonomic position for better posture and operator comfort. The manual hydraulic foot pump controls the platform lift, lower and tilt. A manual selector valve is used to control the lift/lower sequence independently from the tilt sequence...More Information

Vestil Lift & Tilt Cart
Capacity: 400 - 600 lbs.
Lowered Height: 13" - 16.5"
Degree of Tilt: 30°, 45°
Min Platform Size: 19.5" x 30"
Max Platform Size: 24" x 36"